Read and hear first hand about those who have been impacted by CrossRoads Freedom Center. 

Graduate Interviews

One of our graduates shares his story and the impact CrossRoads has had on his life. 

Program graduate shares his testimony and his role at CrossRoads as a member of the staff.

Supporter Statements

"I thank God that CrossRoads is here and I believe that it is going to be helping so many lives..."

- Pastor Vernon King

"True permanent change comes through programs that are Christ-centered like CrossRoads..."

- Charlie Smith, Frederick District Attorney

Resident Interviews

Listen in one of our special residents and how the Lord has used CrossRoads to help him with a new perspective and rebuild relationships in life.

"Here at Crossroads, I learned to free myself - through the Word of God, through prayer and fasting, through the classes that they showed me. It gave me hope and a future."


Personal Testimonies - Fundraiser 2019